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Fix the Windows Phone Recovery Tool error 0x80091007

The fix process:

  1. Download this pack of files:
  2. Run EVERY installation inside EVERY folder EXCEPT the WPRTInstaller.msi from the Packages folder.
  3. Run the oficial Windows Phone Recovery Tool installation, you can download it from this link:
    1. If it works, run the program and follow the steps.
    2. If it not works, run the WPRTInstaller.
  4. Finally, if nothing works, run the WindowsPhoneRecoveryTool.exe inside the Windows Phone Recovery Tool folder as administrator. If a message is shown, créate the folder in the place it says. (commonly, C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Care Suite).

Where did this files come from?

I searched where the official installation puts the files needed to install, so, thats why you need to run EVERY installation inside EVERY folder, except the WPRTInstaller.msi.

It worked for me, after so many suggestions that did not work.

If it was useful, give me a comment 😉

Iconos de Windows Phone 7/8

Si eres un desarrollador de aplicaciones para Windows Phone 7 u 8, probablemente habras necesitado encontrar algunos iconos para las ApplicationBar que no se incluyen con los propios SDK.

A continuación, adjunto una colección de iconos que utilizo para mis aplicaciones y que son bastante metro-style.

Iconos WP7 y WP8

Glitch Graphics on Windows Phone Emulator 7.1 with Intel GMA 3000/4000 HD

I wrote this post in english cause this could be more useful in the “international language” than in spanish.
And yes, my english is not perfect.

I never use before the Windows Phone Emulator to run some demos of Windows Phone SDK, but i need it yesterday and i was very confused, cause the graphics in the emulator was really… strange.

The problem is that the screen don’t repaints itself when some “activity” (yes, an Android Developer word wich means view in other software development project) is sended to the front of the screen, resulting some like this:


After search a lot, i finally found where is the error: the Intel GMA 4000 HD driver. Unfortunately, Intel seems to not have solution about this, and when i tried to force mi -Optimus- Nvidia GT650M, i discover the frustration about this arquitecture: we can’t force it, in some point, even with the latest Nvidia and Intel video Driver installed, we can’t.

So, after hours, i found some solution coming from the Windows Phone Dev Center, but it was not in the “visible pages”, it was on some comment from some user at the end of a extense discussion about this problem.
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