Fix the Windows Phone Recovery Tool error 0x80091007

The fix process:

  1. Download this pack of files:
  2. Run EVERY installation inside EVERY folder EXCEPT the WPRTInstaller.msi from the Packages folder.
  3. Run the oficial Windows Phone Recovery Tool installation, you can download it from this link:
    1. If it works, run the program and follow the steps.
    2. If it not works, run the WPRTInstaller.
  4. Finally, if nothing works, run the WindowsPhoneRecoveryTool.exe inside the Windows Phone Recovery Tool folder as administrator. If a message is shown, créate the folder in the place it says. (commonly, C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Care Suite).

Where did this files come from?

I searched where the official installation puts the files needed to install, so, thats why you need to run EVERY installation inside EVERY folder, except the WPRTInstaller.msi.

It worked for me, after so many suggestions that did not work.

If it was useful, give me a comment 😉

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  1. You can download the Windows Phone Recovery Tool version 2.1.1 from

  2. Thanks Dude , It worked for me on Windows Device Recovery Tool 3.1.4

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