Glitch Graphics on Windows Phone Emulator 7.1 with Intel GMA 3000/4000 HD

I wrote this post in english cause this could be more useful in the “international language” than in spanish.
And yes, my english is not perfect.

I never use before the Windows Phone Emulator to run some demos of Windows Phone SDK, but i need it yesterday and i was very confused, cause the graphics in the emulator was really… strange.

The problem is that the screen don’t repaints itself when some “activity” (yes, an Android Developer word wich means view in other software development project) is sended to the front of the screen, resulting some like this:


After search a lot, i finally found where is the error: the Intel GMA 4000 HD driver. Unfortunately, Intel seems to not have solution about this, and when i tried to force mi -Optimus- Nvidia GT650M, i discover the frustration about this arquitecture: we can’t force it, in some point, even with the latest Nvidia and Intel video Driver installed, we can’t.

So, after hours, i found some solution coming from the Windows Phone Dev Center, but it was not in the “visible pages”, it was on some comment from some user at the end of a extense discussion about this problem.

Well, the solution explained is:

1. Download the Silverlight Windows Phone Toolkit here:
2. Install it.
3. In your project, add the reference to the file Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit.dll located in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Phone\v7.1\Toolkit\Oct11\Bin\

4. In the App.xaml.cs (under the App.xaml), go to the line

RootFrame = new PhoneApplicationFrame();

and change it to:

RootFrame = new TransitionFrame();

5. Run the emulator, and the glitch graphics are off.

When you want to publish your app, or test in other ambient or device, you must restore the line that we change to its original state. (i don’t know what it does, but certainly, it is in a region that the users should not touch).


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