Lets assume this, Skype is a great application to VoIP calls, but… it has some things that we can not explain about its integration with Microsoft Accounts after the Windows Live Messenger death (snif…).

The other day, while i’m was trying to login with “A Microsoft Account” (in the right side of the main window of Skype), i got an eternal loading circle instead of the common “user password” screen to login with my @live.com account.

I reinstall, delete everything, go to regedit and delete every key associated… even unlink my account from the skype administration portal from my @live.com account and nothing happens: i still get the eternal loading window.

So, in my desperation, i spend many hours (yes: hours) in internet searching for some lonely soul who has passed trough my desesperation, and hopefully, he has found a solution and exposed on internet.

Sadly: many people had found this ridiculous error, but no one knew how to fix it.

Then, like morning sunshine, i figured out what could, in some way, be the solution, and then, i face off a common enemy of many Windows Users: Internet Explorer (read dramatically and with suspense chord).



Go to Internet Explorer settings, and be sure to set the Security and Privacy settings to something like this:

And Finally…

Make sure to hear something like the Hymn of Joy, available on Youtube for this moment. You can not defeat us, Internet Explorer.